XmlView browser button shows XML as a sortable table


The one extra module appeared on XmlAspect.org. This is a browser button to make the web services visualization. Along with Web 2.0 methods implemented by client-side cross-browser XSLT rendering it is a great showcase for CSS3 capabilities. The collapsing and sub-branch selection is implemented by pure CSS without any JS.

While JSON fans have been claiming the XML presentation is ugly and not useful, I was happy with its default presentation as a collapsible tree in browser. But most of web services comprise the tabular kind of data. Which is more helpful when shown as a table. The sorting on all columns could help with usability. That is what the tool does: present tabular data as sortable table.

Besides changing the sorting the URL will be adjusted by adding the sorting parameters into hash part. That will allow to share the URL with view parameters set.

As a tool for developer the cross-browser support will rely on audience interest. For now it is tested on current Chrome and FF.

The module is completely open sourced, feel free to use anywhere. Github given a great service where I am happy to use SVN on git repository.

Happy coding!

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