OSX UX is counterproductive

In another words why I hate OSX UX. It is designed for house wives but not for professional. There are many work around but nothing given out of the box like in Windows 10. Most of ways around is to substitute what has been done by OSX.
  • In open dialog there is no space to paste the file path. Even in Xcode. Google's adwise made me hysterical.
    trick CMD+SHIFT+G opens text input for path. Unfortunately it is blank and does not match the current folder. At least TAB makes similar to bash suggestion.
  • No folder tree in finder, neither the current path. trick CMD+I opens folder preferences popup. At least here you could see the breadcrumb where the folder is located. No way to copy into clipboard though.
    hack to create a context menu for folder path. Not for ordinary people, not convenient either.
  • Functional keys so mixed with OS and application that became useless. As sample CTRL-F3 works as in application as in desktop preventing consistent behavior. Look at complains list.
  • Image editor, even primitive is not a part OSX.

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