RE: How to solve the lack of a real multi-threading in JavaScript?

Recently on LinkedIn post the question was raised. And I was surprised how "respectable" people on JS community are struggling in their insulated "JS" world. While there are many ways to solve the given problem none was even exposed. It seems to be a good opportunity for people with out of the box thinking and bigger knowledge. But to gain the advantage there is a need for willingness to listen from community. Is there any?

On subj:
While JS is single threaded by definition, there are lot of ways to have parallel processing from graphics computation to data conversion. XSLT, SVG & CSS transforms just to name a few. Depend of your needs big chance there is a solution.
@Jeff Schwartz. The JS loading and parsing is multithreaded in Chrome. Running is not. XSLT uses internally multithreaded processing; frames have own threads. And so on. I had 2 alerts on the screen quite a bit when tuned communication in between. Have whole HTML rendered as a string with multithreaded XSLT and than passed to single-threaded DOM rendering. Please do not confuse people if do not know what you are talking about. 
There is no multithreaded JS(Web Workers aside). But there are numerous ways to use multithreading in browser from JS and between JS VMs. 

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