Moraga fiscal emergency solution

The sfchronicle post inspired me to look on infrastructure cost solutions across the globe and national scope. Seems the cities and larger entities already developed several ways of making sustainable and balanced budgeting models. 

The base principle came from this brief review: the cost should be placed on shoulders the entities which actually utilizing the infrastructure. From the owners of properties to utility companies. 

For utilities the shared infrastructure rental from municipal entity, for landscape owners - the amount of water and traffic they create, ...

There is a way to have the rental super-attractive by making it significantly cheaper than servicing by themselves. The way to achieve that: use the shared infrastructure for different services. The drain system with embedded fiberoptics(cable TV, internet, phone), power, sewage and water. The highly modularized, oriented on hot-swap non-destructive replacement  grid will cost a fraction of single service. And having many services will cut the cost on level of magnitude.

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