JSON added to XmlView, a bookmarklet for web service presentation as sortable table

In addition to early promoted XML in XmlView the JSON format support appeared to be an easy effort. The recognition of JSON format and conversion to XML was all needed to make a sortable table presentation for JSON based web services.

It is not as efficient and scalable as XML though. JSON doubles the browser memory consumption, half of which reside in the JS VM; additional parser for JSON consumes extra CPU/time.

Is it possible to make a faster and smaller memory consumption implementation using JSON without XML?

I guess not. XML reside in browser memory and is not a subject for JS limitations which will be in place for JSON. There is no multi-threaded(yet?) template transformation from JSON to HTML. Not to mention there is no way to render directly DOM by template engine besides XSLT.

Potential for the improvement

There is a prototype for virtual scrolling via XSLT. It could be used as a base for rendering just visible part of data delegation the rendering on scroll in real time.

Happy coding!

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